Having settled into making Maine a home Thomas Griffith, a New York native who has called Maine home for more than a decade. Early on, 

Thomas’ diverse background includes working as a river guide, management in the outdoor retail and recreation industry, as well as serving in the US Army as an infantryman. All of these experiences add to his creative process and inspire his work as he continues exploring the realms of art. (Move this to the top?)

he received an Associates Degree in Commercial Art and spent many years working as a graphic artist for businesses and in a freelance capacity. Since receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, with a focus in sculpture and printmaking, he now focuses on creating art that is not primarily commercially driven. 

Thomas began his graphic artist career trained in traditional hand graphic design methods, and soon shifted to working in digital graphics creation. He spent most of commercial art career working in that medium and continually growing and developing those skills. He continues to include his digital roots and skills in traditional hand graphic design methods together with sculpture, painting, printmaking, and other methods as each project dictates.  

Recently he has worked as a tech in the printmaking studio at the University of Maine and developed a love of helping others reach their creative goals and passing along his knowledge in making. Thomas now works a a teaching assistant while he is earning his Master of Fine Art in Intermedia. 


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